Cahaya Impian Masa Depan

Educational & Social Project


When people think about “Bali”, most people think of it as a cheap holiday destination, a country with a rich culture and “the land of the Gods”.

Maybe these are true, but if we look further than the guides and tourist brochures show us, we will also see that Bali has many problems.In most of the villages there is only an elementary school available (SD), for junior high school (SMP) the children must go to a nearby village, for senior high school the distances are sometimes too far.

This also increases the school costs and because of the bad roads and therefore less available public transport (bemo), many children simply cannot finish their school.Children have to start working very young to support the family financially.

Lack of information and high medical costs makes those people like I Wayan Madi, who has Diabetes, unable to get a decent treatment.

The east of Bali (Karangasem) is the poorest area of Bali, the lack of water during the dry season is one of the reasons.

“CIMD” tries to change this situation, over a short and/or long term, this in cooperation with our local contacts and other social organisations.

Decent education is an important part of our program, but “CIMD“does not only focus on the children being sponsored, we also look at their surrounding life environment